We are a specialized sales management and consulting firm incorporated in 2015. We help products and services companies to engage,
enable and execute their sales strategies for faster time to market and growth. Our core strength lies in serving the digital, cloud and financial services space.

welcome to Reyanna Technologies

We are growth enablers. Are you a product company or a startup looking to bring your product to the market or expand into new domains. We can help you accelerate that process. With over 50+ years of combined sales experience in the toughest of market conditions we can help you achieve success.

What We do

We strategize, plan and execute your sales strategy in a micro-market. We provide critical review of your product from a consumer perspective through benchmarking that can help your product development. And most importantly, we manage your clients through continuous touch points.

Our Services

The services we offer currently span across three verticals.

  • Sales
  • Capital
  • Talent

our clients

Our Clients are the reason what we do
and how we do it.